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WorkforceCentral User Guide

Searching for a Client

A client should only be registered in WorkforceCentral once. Before registering a new client in WorkforceCentral, first search for a client using the Search Client feature on the home page..

To search for a client:

1. From the Home page, under the Search Client tab, enter the client's:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
You can search using any one of the search fields. For example, you can search just using last name or date of birth.
2. Select the Search button.
If the client is registered in WorkforceCentral, they will be listed to the right of the search fields. You do not need to re-register the client.
Client is found
If the client in not registered, no results will be shown. You need to register client.
Client is not found
Client Registered More than Once: If a client is registered in Workforce Central more than once, choose the registration with the most recent intake date.