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WorkforceCentral User Guide

Exiting a Client

A client is exited from WorkforceCentral after they have completed all workforce program services and their enrollment in the program is complete. When a client is exited from WorkforceCentral, an employment or educational outcome is recorded in the system.
  • All clients must be exited after services have been provided and enrollment is complete
  • All activities must be completed before exiting a client
  • A client cannot be be exited without a least one activity
You must collect and file proof of employment or educational outcome in a clients case file. Program managers will review employment or education verification during annual monitoring.

To exit a client:

1. From the Enrolled Programs menu, select All Processes.
2. Select Add Exit Form.
3. Enter the Exit Outcome details in the form.
  • For employment placement outcomes, all employment fields must be entered.
  • For educational placement outcomes, all educational fields must be entered.
Outcome details for an employment placement
  1. 1.
    Select Submit Exit.
If you added a pre-exit outcome for a client, that outcome data will automatically populate the outcome data on the Exit Form when a client is exited. If a client has more than one pre-exit outcome, the most most recent pre-exit outcome populates the Exit Form.