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Adding a Pre-Exit Outcome

Pre-exit outcomes are used to record a client employment or educational outcome that may occur while a client is receiving services. A client may have more than one pre-exit outcome.
Not all agencies will need to add a pre-exit outcome. Before adding a pre-exit outcome, first consult with your OEWD program manager.

To add a pre-exit outcome:

1. From the Enrolled Programs menu, select All Processes.
2. Select Add Pre-Exit Form located at the bottom of the page.
3. Enter the Pre-Exit Outcome details in the form.
  • For employment placement outcomes, all employment fields must be entered.
  • For educational placement outcomes , all educational fields must be entered.
An employment placement outcome must be entered for all pre-exit outcomes, including those for educational placements. If you are entering an educational placement outcomer, select "Not Employed".
Pre-exit outcome for an educational placement for post-secondary education.
  1. 1.
    Select Submit Pre-Exit.