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Adding a Client Activity

Client activities are used to document client service delivery. Adding a client activity is the second step of the client enrollment process. A client is not considered enrolled into a program until at least one activity is added.
  • Client activities are defined by your agency's scope of work
  • A client may be enrolled in multiple activities
  • All client activities must be completed before a client is exited from enrollment

To add a client activity:

1. From the Enrolled Programs menu, select All Processes.
2. From the Client Applications, select the Application to which the activity will added.
3. Select Add Activity Form at the bottom of the screen.
4. Select the program from OEWD Program drop down menu.
5. Select the program activity from the Program Activities drop down menu.
6. Add Activity Begin Date.
An activity begin date can not be a future date.
7. Select Save Activity.
For 1-day activities, you can complete the activity at the same time by selecting an Activity Completion Status and Activity Completion Date.