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WorkforceCentral User Guide

Registering a New Client

Before registering a new client in WorkforceCentral, make sure that they are not already registered by first searching for them using the client search feature.
Before a client application can be entered into WorkforceCentral and enrolled in client services, a client must be registered.

To register a new client:

1. Click Add New Client at the top of the menu items.
2. On the Process Pending Clients screen, enter client information into the 5 fields:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Zip Code (Optional)
  • Last Four of Social Security Number
If last four digits of Social Security Number is not available, use checkbox.
3. Click Save Button.
Client Already Registered in System: If you attempt to register a client that is already registered in WorkforceCentral, you will get a message that indicates that the client may already be registered based on the client information that you provided. Please review the client information and use the existing client registration if it is the same client.